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Another Friday is upon us so it must be time for ...


Let Ian and Sean take you to another time and place, where the Austin Princess and Escort XR3i ran on leaded, kids popped sherbet dips for 10p, and Mum and Dad didn't worry if they didn't hear from you all day on a Saturday whilst you zipped around the countryside on your Chopper!

For your enjoyment this Friday between 5 and 8, Ultravox will be the featured artist and we'll fit in the following in no particular order ...

The Mystery Year Top 10
The Horoscopes
3 in a row
The What's On Guide to Theatre and Cinema
Stories (about Love Island again probably, eh Ian??!!)
News Roundup 
Madness 🤪
Looniness 🤪
The Looooove Zone 
and the BattleTrax Poll result.

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