OVER TEN Years and still going STRONG !!!! Currently broadcast each week on over 40 stations around the world. The NUA Radio show has been providing support and airplay to the biggest unsigned artists week in week out since 2009. If you know of a band who the show ought to be playing please send details to Jay Adkins via nuashow@gmail.com

To find a list of the stations playing the show each week visit :- http://www.nuashow.co.uk/where-you-can-find-the-show.html

The show is provided for free to stations who require it. To support the show and donate please vist paypal paypal.me/jayadkinsmagician. If you are a station broadcasting the show please could you promote the show and remember to broadcast it as promised.

To the artists THANK YOU for your continued releases


The Parasitic Twins

Musta Paraati Official

Psychopathic Romantics

Pas Musique


Polly Panic

Primal Static


Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond


and To the stations Thank you for continuing to play the show each week. And to the listeners and supporters THANK YOU

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Download The Show As Two Separate Files (58 Mins Each)


Playlist For The Show









Artist Track Website

Icicle Love https://www.facebook.com/icicle.band

Icicle The Two Of Us https://www.facebook.com/icicle.band

Parasitic Twins Massive https://www.facebook.com/ParasiticTwinsBand

Musta Paraati Today https://www.facebook.com/mustaparaati

Musta Paraati The Leader https://www.facebook.com/mustaparaati

Musta Paraati Radio https://www.facebook.com/mustaparaati

Psychopathic Romantics : The Gathering : https://www.facebook.com/psycho.romantics

Pas Musique A New Sheriff in Townhttps://www.facebook.com/pas.musique

Pas Musique Miss Globule https://www.facebook.com/pas.musique

Daniel Link Jilian https://soundcloud.com/daniellinkmusic

Daniel Link Last Day Of Winter https://soundcloud.com/daniellinkmusic



Polly Panic The Sidepiece https://www.facebook.com/PollyPanicMusic

Polly Panic Losing Form https://www.facebook.com/PollyPanicMusic

Primal Static Come Back To Mehttps://www.facebook.com/PrimalStaticOfficial

Poptone Movement Of Fear https://www.facebook.com/poptonemusic

Poptone Love Me https://www.facebook.com/poptonemusic

Musta Paraati Reaper https://www.facebook.com/mustaparaati

Musta Paraati If I Die Tomorrow https://www.facebook.com/mustaparaati

Musta Paraati Digital Twin https://www.facebook.com/mustaparaati

Tragedy Aquarius/Let the Sunshine Inhttps://www.facebook.com/letsmaketragedyhappen

Resumed Year Zero https://www.facebook.com/Resumed

Resumed Earth Awakens https://www.facebook.com/Resumed

Daniel Link Seven White Moons https://soundcloud.com/daniellinkmusic